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We're an impact agency that uses our unique skill set - an artful blend of documentary, visual storytelling and 25+ years of response marketing success - to help organizations with whom we share a passion better fulfill their purpose by achieving for them amazing, quantifiable successes.

We create powerful emotional connections by putting passion and positivity into everything we do, we motivate people to act, and we strengthen (or re-ignite) relationships.

We do this because not only do the "household name" nonprofits - the ones who are in the direct line of fire - need to make sure their messages continue to get amplified, but also because so many other amazing organizations must now work even harder to avoid getting left behind.

We can help.


Digging deep, keeping it positive, and creating opportunities.

We’ll work to define and frame your story.

We’ll work with your existing research - or conduct research of our own - to draw out the most compelling, clear-eyed story we can tell about your mission and the lives that are impacted. We’ll create connections, we’ll discover obstacles - and how to overcome them - and we’ll open new lines of communication (or refresh dormant ones). Whether the need is for a clearly defined strategic direction, a highly targeted creative execution, or a specific project that falls somewhere in between, we’ll work alongside you to achieve the greatest possible impact.

We’ll use evocative images and strong, narrative copy to create powerful emotional connections - to focus on the successes you’ve achieved thus far and the importance of continuing your vital work. Doing so helps create positive associations - ones born from the heart as opposed to from a place of guilt - and sets us on the road towards building deep, long-term relationships.

We know how to motivate people to act - to encourage them to do a specific thing, at a specific moment in time. Using proper messaging and storytelling as the foundation, we’ll incorporate 25+ years of response marketing knowledge and successes towards increasing donor commitment, improving upon recurring donations, engaging communities, and serving the greater good. 

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New York Sled Rangers

Video Production • Fundraising Assets • Social Content

A great friend of ours has a son who was born with a physical disability. Feeling frustrated that his son, among other things, wouldn't get to experience the all the positive, confidence-building aspects of team sports, Bill and a colleague started the first NYC league of the Wheelchair Sled Hockey Federation.

When we began working on the video for their bi-annual benefit, I was concerned about the gravity of the subject. But the far greater feeling that rose to the surface was excitement and enthusiasm for how empowering the team is for these kids, how it levels the playing field, how it brings families closer together, and how important it is that organizations like this exist.

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Latin American Youth Center

Fundraising Assets • Visual Storytelling • Social Content

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time at the Latin American Youth Center - an organization in Washington, DC that seeks to empower a diverse population of kids and teens so that they can achieve a successful transition to adulthood. From tutoring and mentoring to boxing and simply having a safe, positive space, these photographs show both the dedication of the staff and how meaningful it is to the kids they serve.

His day ends when he delivers the last child back to their home and ensures that they're safely inside.

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Columbia University School of Professional Studies: Success Stories 

Video Production • Photography

Daniel's story is one of the many profiles we gathered that highlight the ways the Columbia School of Professional Studies allows students to pursue a world-class education while working in their field of choice.  The interaction and overlap between the two is the catalyst for success.

These profiles will ultimately be used in a campaign that both exists on the SPS website as well as across all media channels (banner ads, social content, etc.)

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Everytown for Gun Safety: Suicide Prevention Month 

Video Production • Visual Storytelling

Access to a gun during a period of personal crisis is often the difference between life and death. 90 percent of people who attempt suicide with a gun will die. Over 90 percent of those who attempt suicide by other means will live.

We talked to people who are impacted by suicide and guns and produced this video for Everytown for Gun Safety to raise awareness around this issue and inspire people to fight for common sense gun reform. 

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Nepal Adoptive Families Association

Video Production • Fundraising Assets • Social Content

The video we created and produced for NAFA - to highlight the work they do with malnourished, unparented children in Nepalese orphanages - is a classic example of doing a lot with a little. We couldn't fly to Nepal to film, so we did the next best thing. We filmed Skype interviews, used existing assets as best as we could, and requested that the nurses on the ground in Nepal gather some footage for us. The lack of "slickness" works to help spread the message of the direness of the situation for these children.

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New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

Video Production • Fundraising Assets • Visual Storytelling

The issue of gun violence prevention and common sense gun reform is one that it is near and dear to our hearts. With over 32,000 gun deaths a year in America - the overwhelming majority of which are either suicide-related or unintentional/preventable - we share the view held by many organizations that keeping guns out of the hands of irresponsible or dangerous people, or those troubled by mental illness, can co-exist with respect for the Second Amendment.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is one such organization - and we're proud to work with them on a number of initiatives, including the video for their most recent benefit.

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ACE Fundraising Video

Video Production • Visual Storytelling

The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) works with homeless men and women throughout New York City, providing job training, work experience and a lifetime support network to help program participants achieve their goals and establish economic independence.

We produced this fundraising video for ACE to show the impact that the program has on its participants and to help drive sustained support. 

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St. Anna's Episcopal Church

Photography • Web Assets • Newsletter Content

In a part of New Orleans where the residents have a life expectancy 20 years lower than the neighborhoods that surround it, St. Anna's exists both as a house of worship and as a place where children can realize their potential and one where families are nurtured. This mission is illustrated through the work of Deacon Dunham - who, rain or shine, goes out into the community to bring kids in for a healthy snack, homework help, playtime, and - most importantly - a positive environment.

His day ends when he delivers the last child back to their home and ensures that they're safely inside.

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