The power of a story well-told.

I love what I do.

I'm Joe Quint and, for over 20 years, I’ve been the Owner and Creative Director of Quint & Quint - a response marketing agency that’s developed successful, fresh, on-brand creative for just about every major publishing and media company in the business.

But, like so many, I found myself looking for more meaning in my work. I’m proud of it, to be sure, but is it how I want to leave my mark?

I'm also a documentary photographer - something that gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction because I get to connect with people and share their stories in a genuine, respectful way.

Intently exists to help the great organizations and the great people - the ones who are out on the front line, doing the vital work that needs to be done - better fulfill their missions by achieving for them amazing, quantifiable successes.

By using compelling words and evocative images to create strong emotional connections, by putting passion and positivity into everything we do, and by marrying all this with the time-tested response marketing techniques that we know motivate people into action, we will - to put it bluntly - bring in more money, more often for our clients.

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